1. All DreamFlex adjustable beds come with a standard 3 year warranty covering:

  • The bed base and components thereof
  • The motor or components thereof
  • The control box/remote
  • This warranty is subject to the manufacturer’s standard warranty terms and conditions and/or the warranty terms as set out in our terms of sale

2. This warranty covers manufacturing defects as contained in the terms of sale.

3. This warranty only covers products within the borders of South Africa. Any product taken outside of South Africa must be returned to South Africa at the customer’s cost in the event of any warranty claims. Product warranties extends to the original purchaser only and not transferrable with the sale or donation of the product to a third party.

4. Warranties shall be valid only where the product was used and maintained properly and shall not cover any defects, damages or claims arising from any misuse or abuse, external causes or what can be considered fair wear and tear. Unless otherwise stated, no product shall be covered against any corrosion or damages caused by natural elements (i.e. rust, wind etc.). This warranty shall also not cover any consequential damages, losses or claims of any kind.

5. We reserve the right to either repair or exchange an item submitted for warranty purposes. In the event where the item cannot be repaired, it may be exchanged with a replacement item that is identical, or where the exact same model or product is no longer available, with an item of similar value, or alternatively with in-store credit.

6. Where an item was replaced or repaired under warranty, the balance of the original warranty period shall remain in place and the repaired or replaced product does not come with a new warranty, (e.g. if an item with a 12 month warranty is replaced in month 10, the product shall only be covered for a further 2 months and shall not be issued with a new 12 month warranty.

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